Cute & Cheap Super High Heels

Office, workplace, interviews, parties, functions, weddings, formal lunch, informal gathering, get-togethers, Parent teacher meetings, first date, second date, every date, your wedding, prom, dance party name any occasion and you need heels. You need high heels. You need cute heels, formal high heels, high heel boots, black high heels and the list is too long to be written here. It doesn’t matter if you are tall, short, medium, dark, white, brown, skinny, fat, chubby; you are a woman and that means you need to have those pairs of heels, not a pair, you need pairs!

super high heels boots

That is where we jump in, to make it easier for you to choice from a list of best super high heels. We bring you the most honest reviews from our hand on experiences. Not only you get reviews, we will also tell you where to buy them from at the most affordable rates. So here is the list of fashion forward shoes infused with style and comfort for you.

  1. Riplay Faux Leather Platform 6-Inch-High Heels
  2. Fereshte Peep-Toe Stripe Sandals With High Heels
  3. Bandolino Synthetic Dress Pump Heels
  4. Two Tone Peep-Toe Stilleto Platform High Heels

Riplay Faux Leather Platform High Heels:

Cute Super High Heels

A perfect shoe to make a statement and force the heads turn. This beauty is available in thirty-seven different colors and patterns. From matte black to rainbow shades. You name it and they have it.


  • Imported Faux leather used
  • Synthetic material used entirely, even on soles
  • Great fit for wide foot and true to size
  • High heels yet extremely comfortable


  • Can be a little lose to narrow feet
  • Need a little time to get used too
  • Can wear off if worn daily


A shoe that makes people gasp, squeal, turn around and murmur omg is worth buying for any special occasion. Though not the perfect pick for your office wear.

Fereshte Peep-Toe Stripe Sandals:

cheap high heels

This retro style high heel is a show stopper. a shoe that makes you stand out. They are available in some exotic colors like red wine (most favorite), orange pink, shiny silver and many others.


  • High-quality elegant heel made with synthetic material and leather straps
  • Makes calves look, killer
  • Very comfortable
  • Hold the entire foot to give support and fit’s perfectly to narrow feet


  • Very thin heel can be difficult to handle for beginners
  • Too flashy for daily wear
  • Occasion-based beauty


This super stylish high heel is a must buy for special events or wear to a place where you need a mark of yours left behind. A Very catchy beautiful pair of super high heels that is not be worn daily wither. It is just a click away from you.

Bandolino Synthetic Dress Pump Heels:

A personal favorite, the best choice for your daily wear. Extremely sassy and super classy. Must have a pair of dress pump heels.

cheap black high heels


  • B-flexible foot-bed
  • Super comfortable for daily wear
  • Shiny and true to color and size


  • Not very high heels
  • Don’t stretch fit to broad feet
  • Heel material can rip off if used in water


A heel that will give your lasting impression if worn to an interview. An amazing choice for formal wears but can also be worn to occasions as it has funky and flashy designs too. This comfortable versatile super cute heel is available now.

Two Tone Peep-Toe Stilettos Heels:

This a perfect summer/spring heel with a sexy bow on it. Something you would want to flaunt a lot. These extraordinary killer heels come in a classic peep toe design with a tinge of innovation with its two tone styling.

Platform High Heels Pumps


  • Top notch in style and cheap in price
  • High platforms about 2 inch
  • Narrow fit


  • Quality is as per the price
  • Not pure leather
  • Not for daily wear


A little more height is given by those platforms and this pure classic beauty is proving to be irresistible on events and even at work.

These are high heels we tailored picked for you for all different times of your day. You need one of them at least and will not regret buying them all. Lastly, for all, us, heel lovers are “give a woman the right kind of shoes and she can rule the world

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