Top 6 Most Comfortable Dress Shoes for Men/Women (2021 Edition)

Men always hunt for comfortable dressy shoes that can improve their personality and make them awesome on every occasion. Men use different types’ shoes on different occasions, for example, sports shoes for running, formal shoes for office use and stylish casual shoes for the parties and outings. If you are planning to buy a pair of shoes that can put you out of the queue and make you look like a gentleman, then the wing tip shoes are the best.

most comfortable dress shoes for men
most comfortable mens dress shoes

The wingtip shoes look quite stylish and come with pointed caps around the toe portion. The toes look like wings and that’s how these got the name “wingtip dress shoes”. Different wingtips shoes come with different designs. The perforated edges can either extend nearly to the heels or till the midsection of the boots. Most of the manufacturers prepare serrated around the edge to include more designs on the cap. The wingtip sneakers were considered as athletic dress shoes, but now men use these comfy dress shoes almost everywhere. These have many uses that range from casual wear to formal work boots.

Formerly, men used to wear these footwear, but now womens wingtip shoes are also available. This write-up will reveal some interesting details regarding the wing tipped boots. In addition, it will help you in buying the best pair of the best mens wingtip shoes.

What are Wingtip Shoes and Their History:

mens wingtip dress shoes

The experts say that wingtips are a part of the brogue shoe family. Of course, nobody calls these shoes full brogues because the designers and manufacturers want to offer these footgear a unique name for their unique appearance. Some experts say that wingtip shoe design is derived from the Irish style and some say these shoes were first designed in Britain. One thing is sure that wingtip shoes have been around for many centuries. First, these boots had become popular among the British people and then they had brought this new style to the USA. That’s how wingtip shoes had become popular. Today, the wingtip style’s shoes are worn all around the world and every man wants it.

Dress Shoes Reviews:

Plenty of options available in mens wingtip dress shoes. It can be very confusing for you to choose the best pair when you get a number of stylish shoes in the shoe store or online. Of course, you want to buy the best shoes to create an impression and below endorsed reviews will help you in finding the best dress shoes.

Stacy Adams Men’s Wingtip Lace-Up Oxford

Whether you are searching for black wingtip shoes or brown wingtip shoes, Stacy Adams Men’s Oxford shoes is probably the best choice. This pair of wingtip comes with soft burnished leather, flexible design and incredible comfort. The Stacy Adams brand is renowned shoe brand that produces authentic, and most comfortable business casual shoes. The Stacy Adams is specialized in manufacturing the men dress shoes, but it also offers other footwear. You get versatile designs and impressive comfort. People admire your shoe choice when you walk in lace-up Wingtips and that’s why it is one of the most comfortable dress shoes for men.

best mens brown wingtip shoes


  • Leather made an upper construction with an impressive wingtip design that ends on the heels.
  • Rubber made sole and cushioned padding improves the durability and comfort.
  • The shaft is almost 2.5” of the arch and the heel size is 1”.
  • This wingtip oxford is providing brogue-perforated seams along with blind eyelet lacing.
  • Available in black and dark tan colors.
  • It is a perfect pair of wingtip shoes if you want to wear it on the occasions like office parties, family events, and other events. You will look amazing when you will wear these with a gray or brown suit.

Ollio Women’s Flat Shoe two tone wingtips shoes

Who says the dress shoes are only for the men? The Ollio Women’s Flat Shoe Wingtip Lace Up Two Tone Oxford are simply amazing. Whether you want light brown wingtip shoes or something else, Ollio offers the best color and design choices. Ollio is a reputable fashion shoe manufacturing brand that has been serving people for over 10 years. It is the first choice of many ladies because it offers them with new footwear styles at affordable prices. Ollio is also famous for providing high-quality products at very affordable rates. Of course, other brands charge an expensive price for the same quality.

women light brown wingtip shoes

It would be unfair to say that Ollio produces only wingtips. This brand offers all types’ shoes for the women. You get the best styles and the best quality at cost-effective prices. Let’s check the features and benefits of ladies dress shoes, produced by Ollio.


  • The shoe upper and shoe sole is prepared from the synthetic material. No animal is harmed to produce these.
  • All the manmade materials are used to improve the durability.
  • These are Lace Up Oxfords, Made in china.
  • The heel is quite low, so do not get worried about heel ache. You can wear for the whole day and feel comfortable. S
  • Many different colors are available like black, brown, gray, orange, and taupe.
  • A perfect choice for you, if your partner is wearing mens brown wingtip shoes.

Delli Aldo Men’s Leather Dress Shoes

Delli Aldo is one of those shoe manufacturing companies, which specializes in producing all sorts’ men’s shoes. Of course, Men’s M-19006 Tip Lace Up Leather Lining Oxford Dress Shoes are the best from the brand. You get faux leather upper along with original leather lining and slip-on design. Wearing and removing these would be a very comfortable task for you. You may consider it as a classic style oxford and you are true. This design of the men’s casual wingtips has been the first choice of the men since the old age.  

high top wingtips

In fact, we can say that M-19006 is a durable choice for all sorts’ uses. You can wear these in the office, parties, during the work time and also when you are on a tour. Its features and benefits are listed below:

  • High-quality manmade upper with an eye-catching design of high top wingtips.
  • Original leather lined.
  • Man-made sole that is quite durable for a long-lasting use.
  • No leather, only synthetic material used.
  • Extra padding over the inner sole to offer more comfort.
  • The heel is not quite high and shaft measures around 2 3/8”.
  • Order one size smaller than your actual feet size to get the perfect fit.

Cole Haan Leather Oxford Lace Up Wingtip Sneakers Mens

Are you searching for casual mens wingtips shoes that feel like sneakers? Look no further because Cole Haan Men’s Leather Brogue Oxford Dress Shoes is a reliable choice for you. This oxford wingtip provides the users with a classic look and ergonomic design. You get the best comfort and there will no chance of extra stress and injury, whether you walk or stand for a long time. These look impressive, whenever you wear them with a casual or formal shirt. You can use them on any occasion to look handsome among other men. The wingtip design is perfect and the waxed laces work like icing on the cake. All in all, you can say that Cole Haan has prepared the best wingtip shoes for the youngsters and adults.

Mens Wingtip Sneakers


  • This comes with complete brogue detailing.
  • Pig leather is the leather lining material, which is quite soft and you get a complete arch support.
  • The upper is durable because it is prepared from split leather.
  • The synthetic sole is perfect for long-lasting service and comfort.
  • The removable footbed makes shoe cleaning a very simple task for the users.
  • Flexible slip resistant rubber sole offers a robust grip, whenever you walk.
  • These are durable and stylish casual wingtip shoes.

Cole Haan Women’s Wing-Tip Oxford

The Zerogrand Wing-Top Oxford is another great pair of wingtip shoes for the women. It is designed and manufactured by Cole Haan. It has an eye-catching design and it is available in many impressive colors. Cole Haan is a trusted shoe manufacturing brand. It has been designing and manufacturing casual, formal and other types’ shoes since last 80 years. It has opened many points of distribution in the USA. It is a luxury shoe brand and women would like the Zerogrand Wing-Tip Oxford.

wingtip shoes for the women


  • The Zerogrand comes with leather made upper.
  • It has a rubber made sole that prevents slipping and improves comfort.
  • The platform measures around .25”.
  • This imported shoe is a wing-tip oxford, which is available with brogue perforations, pinking and eyelet lacing.
  • EVA midsole for extra comfort.
  • Prepared by applying Grand. OS technique to improve the comfort.
  • Produced by Cole Haan, a luxury shoe brand in the USA and renowned for offering highest quality footwear at reasonable prices.
  • No heels and therefore no need to worry about discomfort.


Do you want classic style wingtip oxford? Look no further because Bruno Marc Moda Italy Urban Men’s Casual Wing Tip Brogue Oxford is a reliable choice for you. These classic oxford shoes come with a suede leather upper, round toe design, wingtip lace up design and cushioned footbed for comfort dress shoes. The non-skid outsole prevents slipping instances and offers a robust grip on all sorts’ floors. Men like to buy shoes with holes, whenever they go out in a party or other official events. The Bruno Marc Moda Italy Urban Men’s Casual Wing Tip Oxford looks perfect on all types’ outfits and turns you into a VIP personality.

wing tip shoes with holes


  • Premium quality suede leather.
  • Robust manmade sole.
  • The heel size is around 1”, so no chance of discomfort if you wear it for the whole day.
  • The platform size is around 0.5 inches.
  • It is a plain toe oxford, which has midsole stripe and suede upper construction.
  • These shoes are very comfortable and flexible.
  • Available in various colors and sizes.

Dress Shoes Buying Guide:

The demand for dress shoes are quite high. You may have seen many of your colleagues in this style’s shoes, whenever they attend the parties or corporate events. You may have thought about buying brogue shoes for yourself, but how to buy it? Our reviewed wing tip shoes may reduce difficulties to a good extent, but still, you should know the “things to consider before buying the wingtip shoes”. Thus, you will invest your bucks in the best quality. We have explained the buying guide below, which you can check and learn how to buy the best dress shoes.

mens brogue shoes

Search for the required color and material:

The dress shoes can be available in a wide range of materials and colors. The selection of the color and material depends on which color or material’s shoes will match the best with your outfits. Suppose, you wear gray or brown suite in your office or party, burnished brown and black, both colors’ leather oxford will look impressive. The synthetic dress shoes also look attractive, but you should wear them with casual wears.

The weight and size:

Of course, you won’t make a mistake of buying wingtip boots without considering the size. The online retailers offer them in various size specifications. You should first find a shoe in your size and then check its weight. Many retailers provide details on the complete weight of the shoe. The brogue style are renowned for being heavier than others, but wingtip brogues can be lighter if the upper and sole material is synthetic.

Type of closure:

This may not make a big difference for you, but many men are quite particular about the type of closure. Some men want oxford style closure because it offers them a more elegant look. Some men want the derby style closure because they want to look more stylish. You should also pay the attention to the type of closure so that you can choose an impressive footwear.

You have to consider only these three things before buying the wingtip shoes. These things will help you in reducing the search for the best pair of shoes. So, follow the guide, check the reviews and place the order now.

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